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BC Stats Releases

Infoline (WEEKLY)

Last Released: Jul 21 Next Release: Jul 28

Latest Editions, Archive and Subscription

Business Indicators (MONTHLY)

Last Released: Jul 9  Next Release: Jul 30

XLS  PDF  Data Tables

Consumer Price Index (MONTHLY)

Last Released: Jul 21  Next Release: Aug 22

Earnings and Employment Trends (MONTHLY)

Last Released: Jul 11  Next Release: Aug 8

XLS  PDF  Graphs and Tables

Exports (MONTHLY)

Last Released: Jul 3  Next Release: Aug 6

Data Tables (Unadjusted for Seasonality)
Data Tables (Seasonally Adjusted)
XLS  PDF  Annual Data - B.C. Origin Exports
XLS  PDF  Annual Data - Exports by Province

Labour Force Statistics (MONTHLY)

Data Last Released: Jul 11  Next Release: Aug 8

Major Projects Inventory (QUARTERLY)

Last Released: Mar 2014 Issue

Quarterly Population Highlights (QUARTERLY)

Last Released: Jun 18   Next Release: Sept 26

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