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Census Statistical Profiles of Aboriginal Peoples

2011 National Household Survey (NHS) Aboriginal Population Profile
NHS is the replacement for the Long-form Census questionnaire

2006 Census
Aboriginal, First Nations, Métis, Status Indians

2001 Census
Aboriginal compared to non-Aboriginal population

1996 Census
Aboriginal compared to non-Aboriginal population

Cautionary Note

There were very large increases in the number of persons identifying as Aboriginal peoples between the Censuses, an increase well above what would be expected from natural increase. The explanation of why the growth is so high is that the willingness of Aboriginal people to identify has been increasing over time, particularly among those over 35 years of age and the Métis.

Therefore any comparisons made between Censuses of the characteristics of Aboriginal people, such as their unemployment rates or educational attainment, should be done with caution as change may be due primarily to the difference in who identified between the two periods.

Population % Chg. % Chg.
British Columbia 2006

Aboriginal 196,075 170,020 139,655 15.3 21.7
  North American Indian 129,580 118,290 107,375 9.5 10.2
  Métis 59,445 44,265 25,575 34.5 73.1
  Other 7,055 7,470 6,705 -5.6 11.4
Non-Aboriginal 3,878,310 3,698,850 3,550,100 4.9 4.2


More information is available on cautions and comparibility.

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Funding for these profiles was made possible through the Labour Market Information initiative under the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement (LMA), which is administered for B.C. by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development.