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Aboriginal Profiles of British Columbia: 2001

Statistical Profiles by Area and Group With Emphasis on Children, Labour Market and Post-Secondary Education Issues

These profiles provide comparisons of the socio-economic conditions of the on-reserve and off-reserve Aboriginal populations as well as the non-Aboriginal population by College Region, Health Authority and Health Service Delivery Area. They are based on data from the 2001 Census.

To view a list of the topics covered, see the summary tables below.

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Summary Tables by Area and Subject

The following Excel files support the charted data which appear in the profiles. The tables present the variables for all College Regions, Health Authorities and Health Service Delivery Areas respectively and include comparisons to B.C.


These profiles are produced by BC Stats with funding support from the British Columbia Ministries of Advanced Education, Community, Aboriginal and Women's Services, Health, and Human Resources, Statistics Canada, and BC Stats.