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Business and Industry

BC Stats offers a wide variety of data and analysis related to Business and Industry. The Business Gateway is a resource to assist businesses find the data and information they need to do market research or to start or expand a business. There are more general data available for business counts and employment by industry and other economic data that may be of interest can be found in the Economy pages. Information related to small business in particular is also available, as well as details for specific industries.

Specific industries highlighted here are resource-extraction industries such as forestry, mining, agriculture and fishing, aquaculture, hunting and trapping. Other industries include construction, manufacturing and the film and television sector. There are also data and analysis available for the non-standard industries (that is, outside of NAICS) of tourism and high technology. An explanation of the industry classification system currently employed in North America is also available.

The Major Projects Inventory offers details on major construction activity in the province, ranging from large residential condominiums to new industrial operations (e.g., mines, mills) to transportation projects.