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Room Revenue Statistics

Room tax data are used to generate the monthly room revenue estimates reported in these tables.

Prior to July 2010, the Hotel Tax was levied on accommodation sales by all vendors (with at least four units available for rent) providing short term and overnight accommodation. Vendors providing accommodation for $30 or less per day were not subject to the tax. Accommodation operators in some communities were also required to charge a Municipal and Regional District Tax (MRDT) of up to 2%. Effective July 1, 2010, the Hotel Tax was repealed and replaced by the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST), which applies to all services (including room rentals and other services) provided by accommodation operators. The municipal tax remains in effect.

Room revenue estimates for the period from January 2010 are based on MRDT data. Because the MRDT is only charged in some communities, it is not possible to report total room revenues for the province as a whole. Boundaries used by BC Stats to define communities have been adjusted to conform more closely to those used to define the areas where the MRDT is charged. As a result, community-level information is not directly comparable with estimates previously published in the Tourism Sector Monitor.

The data are only available for the period from January 2010 on. Users should note that only those communities subject to the MRDT are included in the Tourism Region totals.

This information is based on tax data files provided to BC Stats. Since the BC Stats data is intended to measure economic activity (rather than tax revenues received in each month), the estimates may differ from those in tax revenue reports, which are intended to measure how much tax was collected in a given month rather than when the economic activity occurred. BC Stats has also made some adjustments to correct for anomalies associated with the timing of extra tax payments made during the period when the province-wide Hotel Tax was being phased out.

Note to Users (July 2013)
The structure of the tax database used to generate the room revenue estimates was modified when the PST was reintroduced in April 2013. BC Stats is currently working on implementing changes to its processing of the tax data and will update the information on this website as soon as possible.

The following data are for reference purposes only and are based on older methodologies and databases and are not consistent with the latest figures:

  • Annual, 1995-1999 [CSV] [XLS] (these figures use a different methodology and database than the 2000-2010 data)

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