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2011 Census Total Population Results

Indian Reserves


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SGCNameType2011 Population2006 Population (1)Percent Growth 2006-20112011 Occupied Private Dwelling (2)2011 Area Sq. KmPopulation density, 2011
5923801Ahahswinis 1IRI1601488.1570.41392.2
5923802Alberni 2IRI10510030.5518.3
5923803Anacla 12IRI7395-23.2410.9378.7
5923804Clakamucus 2IRI05-10010.100.0
5923805Elhlateese 2IRI1927-29.672.308.3
5923823Esowista 3IRI17616010360.101829.5
5923806Hesquiat 1IRI510-5011.902.6
5923807Ittatsoo 1IRI24020020890.68354.9
5923822Klehkoot 2IRI1010061.178.5
5923810Macoah 1IRI221915.8100.4350.9
5923808Marktosis 15IRI6956615.11611.20579.0
5923809Numukamis 1IRI10510036.711.5
5923813Opitsat 1IRI156174-10.3470.72216.5
5923824Refuge Cove 6IRI72103-30.1320.17432.7
5923814Sachsa 4IRI00 00.070.0
5923825Tin Wis 11IRI016-10000.140.0
5923816Tsahaheh 1IRI58442537.41843.91149.3
5951828Babine 6IRI937819.2311.9946.8
5951829Babine 25IRI81105-22.9290.48167.2
5951847Babine Lake 21BIRI00 00.020.0
5951805Binche 2 (Pinchie 2)IRI1111100.9354.6423.9
5951815Burns Lake 18IRI55102-46.1190.5699.0
5951818Cheslatta 1IRI8486-2.33210.877.7
5951821Duncan Lake 2IRI1010050.6715.0
5951814Dzitline Lee 9IRI1517-11.845.442.8
5951822Francois Lake 7IRI1010031.387.3
5951830Jean Baptiste 28IRI55041.423.5
5951813Laketown 3IRI1027-6362.444.1
5951849Mission Lands 17IRI05-10000.480.0
5951803Nak'azdli (Necoslie 1)IRI5344957.91833.11171.8
5951802Nautley (Fort Fraser) 1IRI20115331.4655.0739.6
5951846Nedoats 11IRI05-10004.000.0
5951848North Tacla LakeIRI18313139.7571.39131.6
5951819Omineca 1IRI10510010.5717.7
5951820Palling 1IRI575-93.320.3215.7
5951844Poison Creek 17AIRI05-10010.220.0
5951806Seaspunkut 4IRI1515082.406.3
5951823Skins Lake 16AIRI00 20.670.0
5951824Skins Lake 16BIRI2026-23.160.6332.0
5951804Sowchea 3IRI010-10011.000.0
5951807Stellaquo (Stella) 1IRI20518610.2668.3124.7
5951809Stony Creek 1IRI332384-13.513126.4112.6
5951810Tache 1IRI4093759.11079.0345.3
5951811Tacla Lake (Ferry Landing) 9IRI00 00.730.0
5951845Tadinlay 15IRI00 01.820.0
5951825Tatla West 11IRI50 10.4511.1
5951833Tatla't East 2IRI05-10010.700.0
5951826Uncha Lake 13AIRI516-68.850.3813.3
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 454 items in 10 pages

Does NOT include estimates of reserves that were incompletely enumerated. The Sechelt Band exercises quasi-municipal jurisdiction over this area by virtue of complementary federal and provincial legislation. The area covered by these acts lies partly in the Powell River Regional District and partly in the Sunshine Coast Regional District.
(1) 2006 Census counts are adjusted as necessary to enable direct comparisons between 2006 and 2011.
(2) Indicates private dwellings occupied by usual residents.

CSD Types:
IRI = Reserve
IGD = Indian Government District
S-E = Indian Settlement
NL = Nisga'a Land
NVL = Nisga'a Village

Source: 2011 + 2006 Census, Statistics Canada

Prepared by:  BC Stats, Ministry of Technology, Innovation and Citizens' Services