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A number of statistics are available that offer indications of the economic strength of the province. The Economic Accounts have details on gross domestic product (GDP), income, final domestic demand and international and interprovincial trade flows.

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  • What are Economic Accounts?

  • GDP: What does it mean and how is it measured?

  • Constant dollar estimates and implicit price indices

  • How are the British Columbia Economic Accounts structured?

The B.C. Input-Output (I-O) Model is used to generate regional Economic Dependency figures, as well as employment and revenue multipliers. The Consumer Price Index documents price movements, providing a measure of inflation. Other available economic data include business formations and failures, which are counts of incorporations and bankruptcies, building permits, housing starts and sales, which are indicators of the health of the construction and housing sectors, manufacturing shipments, which basically represent sales of the manufacturing industry and other economic statistics, such as household spending patterns, licensed motor vehicles and other economic indicators.