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Work Environment Survey (WES)

About the WES Program

The BC Public Service has been committed to understanding and improving employee engagement since 2006. This commitment has been realized through the BC Public Service Work Environment Survey (WES) program. The WES is now internationally recognized as a leading employee engagement program by other jurisdictions and public sector agencies.

To make improvements to employee engagement, organizations need to be equipped with accurate and relevant information about the local work environment, what issues employees feel are important, and what areas need improvement. Learn more about the history and objectives of the WES program. 

WES Data Analysis

The Work Environment Survey research team uses a sophisticated modelling process to investigate the relationships between various aspects of workplace satisfaction, ranging from stress and workload to meaningful recognition. Read more about the approach to data analysis and the dynamic work engagement model used in the WES program.

WES Results and Reports

An assortment of reports, tables and other data analyses are produced based on the BCPS WES survey results each cycle. These generally take the form of analytic reports/supplementary materials or results reports. A selection of both of these products is available to the public.

Access analytic reports - including more detailed information on the analysis and modelling process.

View your organization's results - for authorized staff only.


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