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BC Regional Socio-Economic Profiles & Indices

Socio-Economic Profiles

The socio-economic profiles consist of charts and tables for the various region types within B.C. Each region contains a map and communities, demographic profile, economic hardship, labour market structure, education concerns, crime, health problems, children at risk, and youth at risk.

Socio-Economic Indices

The socio-economic indices summarize social and economic conditions over a wide variety of indicators into a single composite index for each region within the province. In addition, four basic indicators of regional hardship are presented, each a composite of a weighted combination of three or four variables.

Articles and Other Resources

A number of articles and other resources are available for the Socio-Economic Profiles and Indices.

Note: Because of revised population estimates, comparisons to past editions are not possible. Please see page 11 of the socio-economic profiles (PDFs) for further explanation.